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Anna Sui Eye Shadow
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2 out of 5
2 out of 5
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Big Price, Little Substance

(December 23, 2012)
"First of all, these eye shadows are indeed small. They clock in at 1 gram/ 0.03 ounces each. I checked an eye shadow I had from one of my other favorite high end makeup brands, and it had 1.5X the product (it was also slightly more expensive to be fair). I guess it's possible these Anna Sui shadows coming in single pans doesn't help to create the illusion of more product either, so take that however you'd like.
That being said, seeing as Anna Sui is a designer brand that is a bit difficult to find, I might not mind the price so much if the quality matched it. Are they terrible eye shadows? No, but they aren't any better quality than any other well known high end brands that sell for a similar price point, are easier to obtain and give you more product. Some of the ones I bought are actually a bit mediocre.
Here's a quick rundown of how the colors seem to work:
BRIGHT COLORS- The biggest let down of these since I feel these might be the main draw to this product. These feel velvety soft and seem pretty pigmented when I swatch them with my finger onto my arm. However, they go on much lighter with a makeup brush. The colors are build-able and pretty (especially with an eye shadow primer) without feeling chalky, but I definitely feel like they are not up to snuff given the price tag. The biggest disappointment is the red one, which oddly enough is labeled as "blush" on this website. I like red-ish eye shadows because they are hard to find, so I was excited about this one. It looks quite red in the pan, but requires some layering to get some decent brightness to it. I've only played around with it a little, but it seems to come out to a soft red with a hot pink undertone.
While I'm on the subject of reds, I just want to point out that I purchased the "bright red" and "light red" colors too, and they look exactly as they do on this website, which I expected. I just don't know why rose gold and frosted dusty rose eye shadows would be labeled as red, but the red eye shadow is called "blush". Bizarre and confusing.
DARK COLORS- These are comparable to other brands. They apply and show up fairly well.
NEUTRALS- These are also comparable to other brands. My gripe isn't with the quality on this, but I did order a neutral shadow that came with a corner crumbled. It's a little annoying because I ordered it to be used as a highlighter and therefor I expected to use it more than most of the other eye shadows. Considering the price, a corner of missing product is a lot.
I guess one upside is they have they signature Anna Sui rose scent.
The verdict? They're pretty, but I ultimately wouldn't repurchase these when I am finished with them, especially since I can easily find better, similar products."
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Review 2 for Anna Sui Eye Shadow
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1 out of 5
1 out of 5


(December 15, 2012)
"Beware. This thing is TINY! it's honestly no bigger than a penny, no exaggeration. Although it does come in beautiful colors, i dont think it's worth the money. Disappointing product."
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