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Anywhere Convertible Sofa
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5 out of 5
5 out of 5

good value

(January 8, 2015)
"good value. fits two adults. versatile. easy to move. reasonably priced for a couch, set your expectations accordingly."
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Review 2 for Anywhere Convertible Sofa
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2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Location: milwaukee, wi
Age: 25-34
Gender: Female

Most Uncomfortable Sofa AND Bed in History

(January 22, 2014)
"It looks good. And it's VERY lightweight. I am a 5'7" 135# girl and I can easily carry it from room to room. But that's where the pro's to this sofa hit a dead, dead end.
This is the most uncomfortable sofa I have ever sat on. Whatever material they are using for the cushions is rock hard. That seems like it would be okay, except it's rock hard to the point where you have to sit straight up in it or you just start sliding off the end. It kind of even hurts your butt to sit on. Additionally, the stuffing loses its shape the longer you sit on it. When you get up, there is a divit the size of your butt in it. And if you sit on the edge, it creates a wedge shape to the cushion that makes you slide right off of it.
But that's not even the worst part about this couch. Isn't that funny? The WORST part is when you turn it into a bed. It pulls out quite easily into a bed. HOWEVER. Lying on this bed for any length of time will make you hate life. Firstly, for some reason there is a sort of ledge that hits right at your shoulders - not even at your head where it would be okay with a pillow - and it is a sharp edge that juts down about an inch so you are literally lying with some sort of board-like bar across your back the whole time. And when I mentioned that as a sofa it was rock hard? Here is where that is the most unfortunate, because spending the night on this rock-hard "bed" is worse than lying on the floor somehow. The cusions once again mold to fit around your body, creating some sort of horrifying shell you have to pry yourself out of every few hours when you toss and turn in an attempt to find a less-crippling position. But you find that there is none. All positions are painful.
If you want a sofa that is just for looks and not sitting or lying on, you can get this sofa. However if you actually want to use it on anyone except your worst enemy, get something else. You will regret this sofa I promise.
I gave it 2 stars instead of 1 because my cat really liked playing in the box it came in."
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