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Moxi Lolly Roller Skates
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Review 1 for Moxi Lolly Roller Skates
Overall Rating: 
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location: Delaware,DE
Age: 18-24
Gender: Female


(April 29, 2013)
"These are the most amazing skates in the whole wide world."
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Review 2 for Moxi Lolly Roller Skates
Overall Rating: 
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location: Southern California
Age: Under 18
Gender: Female

Absolutely Adorable.

(January 16, 2012)
"Got these in Fairy Floss for Christmas (which now appears to be out of stock, so D: ), and they have got to be the nicest roller skates I've ever seen.
The exterior color is a bit brighter than the UO picture, but nonetheless is still very pretty. Skating in them is incredibly smooth and easy, although I do have to note that on my pair of skates the writing on the side of the wheels started to chip off after my first use. That's not a big problem though, as the flaking paint has little to do with the actual skates themselves.
It's hard to see in the picture, but on this inside there's a colorful retro-y pattern that's quite nice. The tongue of the shoe has a foam-like pad that adds comfort and you could probably skate in them for hours without any major discomfort. Both pretty and functional.
The skate is really tall and adds several inches to your height when you wear them, (which I enjoy) and also make your legs look longer (which I enjoy even more).
Overall I'm incredibly pleased with this purchase. Let me assure you, the product is worth the price."
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Review 3 for Moxi Lolly Roller Skates
Overall Rating: 
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location: lexington, ky
Age: 18-24
Gender: Female

new skater

(June 4, 2011)
"I got these in fairy floss for my birthday. I love ice skating, but am new to roller skating. Compared to the only other skates I've worn (rental skates) these are a complete dream. They glide along smoothly and are easy to maneuver. Obviously, they are unique and come with complements. The wheels are cute and never seem to get dirty. The only bad thing is that I find them a bit difficult to wear outside. Pieces of gravel are definitely a hazard."
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Review 4 for Moxi Lolly Roller Skates
Overall Rating: 
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location: Michigan
Gender: Female

love my lollys

(February 11, 2011)
"I love these skates - the look is so unique (who else is going to have pink roller skates?) and they are comfortable! I wear a 10 in regular shoes, got a 10 in these and the size was perfect. Nice construction too, not shoddy at all.
The first time I wore these out (at the rink) I was wobbly as heck though! I had terrible balance - I think it was just needing to get used to a new pair of skates. A dozen times around and I started to get a better feel for them. They did take some getting used to, and the wheel diameter measures almost 1/2"more than my old pair.
I've only used these 5 or 6 times, so can't speak to the longevity, but I hope these last a very long time. (They were expensive!) As mentioned in previous reviews, the wheels are nice and smooth and the boot is comfortable. I can't wait to try them outside in the Spring.
They also came with 2 small wrench tools if you need to make adjustments, like tighten a wheel, or raise the toe stops, etc.
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Review 5 for Moxi Lolly Roller Skates
Overall Rating: 
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location: SoCal
Age: 18-24
Gender: Female

No Regrets!

(December 27, 2010)
"After I bought these, I was immediately hit with a bad case of buyer's remorse because the price is so high. Up until they arrived in the mail, I kept thinking "Maybe I'll just return them." But when I opened the box, I knew there was no going back.
The quality of these skates is stunning. The materials are gorgeous. The color (I got strawberry) is so cute. I didn't even notice the retro Hawaiian print until I received the skates, but it makes them that much cuter! This adorable print partially lines the inside of the skates and peeks out around the back of the top.
I bought these skates online having never tried them on in real life, and I decided to get a size 7, because that's my usual shoe size. It fit perfectly! I've never had anything fit more true to size. Not only do they fit perfectly, but they're wonderfully comfortable too. I can wear them for hours without any problems.
Once they're on, the skates function incredibly. They move so smoothly! I've had those cheap plain white skates before that whirr as they roll and bump over every little thing. These aren't like those at all. These make me feel like I'm just gliding along. The deliciously gummy wheels absorb all the little shocks. They're a real dream.
Oh, and the little heel is so cute too. These skates make me feel gorgeous. They're like the high heels of the skating world . . . but without all the pain. I highly, highly recommend them!
One thing though - if you get them, make sure you get some toe guards too. You don't want to scuff up these beauties! Oh, and even though they come with laces, they don't come laced. So be prepared to lace them up when you get them. They also come with a nice little Moxi keychain.
By the way, if you're new to the world of skating, and you're trying to decide between those great Moxi Ivy skates (the leopard print ones) and these Moxi Lolly skates (candy colours) here's a tip: Leather skates mold to the shape of your feet over time which makes them more comfortable, especially important when skating. They're also more durable. Vinyl doesn't last as long - which is not to say it's cheap, but it isn't made to be worn as frequently as leather skates. So if you're only planning on skating once in a while - say, once a week - the Ivys should work great. But if you want to skate several times a week, you'd be better off with the Lollys.
If you're thinking about buying these, you can stop thinking now. They're honestly worth the price."
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Review 6 for Moxi Lolly Roller Skates
Overall Rating: 
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location: Long Beach, CA
Gender: Female

Comfortable for long wear, and soooo cute

(November 27, 2010)
"I have these in the lavender color and wear them all the time. I get compliments on them every time I wear them, people asking me where they are from. They have a great heel to them that makes my legs look nice and long.
Just as important as the fact that they are super sexy on, they are really comfortable. I have been able to wear them for upwards of 7 hours at a time.
Even if you are a beginner these are great skates to wear. They have fantastic wheels on them as well. I liked them so much I ended up getting a second pair of wheels."
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